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SO much has happened since I last posted. For starters, I’M IN AFRICA.

That’s still weird to say. I’m in Africa.

I walked inside into the Omaha Eppley Airport at 7:20 am on Thursday, May 19 (15 minutes late… whoops!) and stepped outside at 10:50 pm on May 20 in Africa.

In the 3 or so days since we arrived, (still unsure of the time change thing) so much has happened. (I know I keep saying this.. but its just true!) We’ve hit the ground running and are busy all day every day.

Well, except for the first day, which was filled with more travel. Apparently 28 hours just wasn’t enough to start our trip, we needed 7 more the next day to bus from Entebbe to Lira.

We’ve only been here a few days, but here’s what I have learned so far:

1. Being a picky eater doesn’t fly. Starting on the flight to Amsterdam, I realized my pickiness was going to be a problem. We had four meals on the flights: dinner and breakfast on the way to Amsterdam, and lunch and dinner from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Dinner the first night was called “delicious chicken” and consisted of chicken, sweet potatoes, and BBQ sauce all mixed together. The breakfast the next morning was a breakfast sandwich that had biscuit and egg with jalepenos in it. It was called “delicious breakfast. The next flight started with a lunch that had pasta with some green things in a runny red sauce (great explaination, I know.) with flan that was called “delicious pasta,” and finally, for dinner, we had a pizza (!!!) but it had basil all clumped in one section and other than that there was a salad with noodles and olives called… you guessed it… “delicious pizza.”

Then, since we’ve been here, we’ve gone to an Indian food restaurant twice. Funny that I had to go to Africa to experience Indian food. Probably because if we were in the States, I wouldn’t have eaten it. Mom and Dad, I know you probably don’t believe this, but I tried it! Well, some of it. Not a fan. But, being as it is really hot here and we’re working long days, I had to deal.

On the upside, the lack of pesticides make bananas edible for me(I’m usually allergic), so I try to start every day off with one.

2. Africa has a distinct smell. Sounds weird, but its true. It smells like diesel and burning things. I haven’t figured out yet what that is. It’s a little overwhelming.

3. Matthew Dorwart is competitive.  I know he’s on the basketball team so maybe that should have been evident, but playing multiple games of UNO has showed his sassy side.

4. Molly Miller and I are roughing it slightly  more than everyone else.  We are the only two who have yet to have a room with a shower. Everyone else has ALWAYS had one. Not so fun. Right now I have a king sized bed, but we have no shower. We’ve become great acrobats to shower in the tub faucet.

5. Mosquito nets are necessary, but a pain. For instance, they definitely keep out bugs. But if bugs are already in your bet, they keep them in. EXAMPLE: Last night, Molly was in bed and I was brushing my teeth and she found a daddy long legs in her bed. After a minor freak-out session, she yelled at me to get toilet paper, which I grabbed and ran over to her, all while toothpaste was running down my chin. She grabbed it, threw it over the spider, and threw it out of the net, only to realize that she didn’t actually grab the spider. So as toothpaste still runs down my face, we repeat the cycle, with Molly getting the spider this time.


Overall, it has been a great trip so far. African mass was beautiful, and I wish our singing in mass could be as fun as it was there.


Mom and Dad, I don’t know if I told you I made it to Uganda… I’m here!

Also, shout out to Jamie DeLaat and Emily Hanigan for having birthdays while I’ve been gone. I miss and love you both!


In actually being able to bless these African rains,


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