New Friends

Okay, so it’s been made clear to me that I’m a bit behind most people in the blogging department…so I’m making up for it today by writing TWO! 

Now that we’ve wrapped up the filming portion of our trip, it’s been nice to just sit back & reflect on what we’ve encountered while here in Uganda. Our days of filming we’re always jam packed, often visiting two or three sites in one day. Although it was exhausting, it was well worth it. Each trip was an adventure, & we often went to great lengths just to “get that B roll!” 

All of the people we met in the process will always be in the back of my mind, & there’s no doubt that they will affect the way I live my life when I get back to the States.

There is one women in particular that I would like to talk about, named Eresi Ekol. Although it was never mentioned, it was clear that she is a prominent member in a village we visited, called Abia (the site of yet another massacre by the hands of the rebels). Her clothes were colorful & bright, just like her personality, & her smile was infectious. I had the pleasure of speaking with her after the interviews. We talked & laughed, & she held my hand while she guided me around the school yard, introducing me to even more people. Before getting on the bus, she looked in my eyes & said something that I will never forget: “Now that we are friends, just promise me you won’t forget about us.”

I simply replied with, “I promise.”

I believe that I owe it to the people I have met not to forget about them, since so many of them I can now call my friends.

Mrs. Ekol, I promise I will never forget about you. 

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