My top 9 feelings about Malaria Nets and other things

  1. Could they be any harder to assemble?  Probably not.  How can you tuck the net under the mattress all around and then get in it?  As Molly and Mary Beth can attest to, I was not given the gift of assembling malaria nets.  The first night we were here,  it fell apart at least two or three times and me finally giving up.. hey I’m taking malaria meds right> Might as well get my moneys worth.
  2. How ever hard they are to assemble, they do make the bed look like a canopy bed and the little girl inside of me really appreciates the “princess bed.” 
  3. There were several fireflies in our room last night and I rather liked being able to see the fireflies and appreciate how pretty he light is without thinking that they are going to land on my face while I am asleep.  
  4. After finding the giant spider in our room the other day, it was comforting to know that that spiders off spring wouldn’t be able to take revenge against me at night for killing its father. (To give appropriate credit, Matt killed it with my shoe and I over sprayed it with raid to make sure… over excessive?…. Nope)
  5. Even after three nights I haven’t gotten any better at tucking in the mattress and I don’t think I will 
  6. I haven’t gotten Malaria… yet so I must be doing something right.  
  7. Berthoud Colorado needs to invest in some of these bad boys for miller season.
  8. A more important thought on the matter, we are staying in some fairly nice hotels by third world standards are concerned, and the other night I counted maybe 1 or 20 bugs on top of my net… so if in a nicer hotel in Uganda there are still 15 or 20 bugs how many are there in just an average home in northern Uganda?  I would assume that a lot of families probably cannot even afford one net.  Malaria is a huge cause of childhood death in the country and I assume that it attributes greatly to the high infant mortality rate.  Even when playing with the little kids yesterday, there was a little girl may 2 or 3 in a worn out, torn, filthy blue and flower dress and all these flies would just land on her and talk around on her face without her even flinching.  Obviously  she is used to being around insects being on her.  

Does she have a malaria net?

I think it is going to be important as we continue in Uganda and eventually make it home, not to forget these kids.  Obviously we all had fun playing with them, taking their pictures but it is important to remember that these children are more then just a “photo op” that saying it harshly, but to me thats how it seems sometimes… touring poverty..  We just have to remember that we are privileged to be here and to not forget.  

  1. Everyone needs Malaria nets.  

There is way too much that we have done in the last couple days to talk about now, traditional dancers, Indian food, interviewing former child soldiers, and lots of video taping.  

Thought of the evening: Is the only reason to get an education i

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