My new ring

In my first post, I mentioned I purchased the diamond for Beth’s engagement ring in Africa.  I brought the diamond home where I sculpted Beth’s ring from scratch out of warmed red wax.


Years later, however, I lost my own wedding ring.  I didn’t make mine.  It was just a store bought thing, but still…  Although we talked about replacing mine, we just never got around to it.  While on this return trip to Africa, I decided I would try and find a new ring for myself so that both our rings had connections to Africa.


Few knew what I was up to, but I forced the entire bus of students and colleagues to stop and wait for me while I ran in to buy a ring at a jewelry store Herbert had located.   After I jumped back on the bus, wearing the new ring, everyone cooed approvingly after they asked me to show it off.


Beth doesn’t know I’ve done this.  She only knows everyone on the bus shouted in unison “Hi, Beth!” when I called her earlier with John’s cell phone, then “Bye, Beth!” when I was about to hang up. 


I can’t wait to show it to her.

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