Mato Oput

Mato Oput, Reconciliation and Justice. These are the terms we were asked to define and discuss in our latest blog post.

Justice, a word that often brings to mind truth, honesty, and fairness. To me, justice is more than that. Justice is the answer to those bracelets everyone gets as children from the church, the W.W.J.D. bracelets. Jesus was a man who lived to define what justice was. He was the defender of the poor, the sinners, and the shunned.

When I think of how to best define justice, my mind drifts toward the people that I have seen who have lived through the injustices of the world. Those who are neglected, forgotten, broken, hurt, those whose cries are not heard, those are the people that come to mind when I think of justice, because justice seems to have passed them by.

Not because of anything they did, but because of the cruelty of the world, the hardships of the world that most of us have no idea of. The hunger pangs that come after not having eaten in several days, the pain of backbreaking labor in the hot sun to barely slide by each day.

Justice is the equality and calmness in life that we all take for granted. The clothes on our back, the shoes on our feet, the medicine that keeps us healthy, and the opportunity to succeed in life. That is what justice means to me, not the truth, not honesty, but fairness and peacefulness and the opportunity for a non-violent life.

Those are the things that we all take for granted but even when we don’t, we often forget that there are very few who live a life without worrying about many of those things. 


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