Justice, Peace, and Forgiveness

Over the past five weeks our team has been working hard to put a documentary together on Uganda. Coming into the project I didn’t know what we would find but as we listened more to the people we interviewed in Uganda, observed everyday life, and immersed ourselves in the culture, we found three themes to be very relevant to the people in Uganda affected by the 22 year civil war.

is not just the absence of war. It is when the physical needs are satisfied and there is cooperation from both sides to work for the betterment of the people. In large part, peace also refers to the inner peace of individuals. To not hold a grudge against another and to learn to forgive is essential to peace.

in turn, is essential to peace because if we cannot forgive, how can we ask to be forgiven. And if we cannot forgive, we cannot learn to love our brothers and sisters or make a meaningful collaboration for peace.

requires truth. In finding the truth, forgiveness must be given to establish an honest relationship to work for peace. Justice is not “an eye-for-an eye” but is composed of an element of grace for those affected and an understanding that will hold the right people accountable, in the right way, for their actions.

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