I’ve been to Canada

“What are you doing this summer?” As all of the people from my high school past are reentering my life, this is the recurring ice breaker. Maybe my answer isn’t conventional, maybe it takes a little background, but I think it’s pretty cool.

While everyone returns to their summer jobs (landscaping, banks, restaurants, internships), I embark on something, literally and figuratively, completely foreign. I’ve been unbelievably excited for this day since I e-mailed my way into the trip in November.

Since then, it has been shopping lists and vaccinations. The shots weren’t even bad; I’m not going to act like it wasn’t cool to miss class for my “Yellow Fever vaccination”.

This last week, things got real. I woke up on Saturday shaking and gasping, convinced that I had just gotten shot. After 30 seconds of terror, I realized that this ridiculously vivid dream was a result of the first dose of my malaria medication.

More seriously, I cannot believe that lift-off day is so close. Maybe we won’t change the world on this trip, but this is the closest I’ve ever been.

I’ve been all over the United States, sure; I’ve even been to Canada, but I know that when we land (in 5 days) in Entebbe, Uganda, I’m in for something vastly different. 

Speaking of Entebbe’s airport, according to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, the workers are on strike. So there’s another adventure.

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