Its the “Shants Dance”

June 1, 2011

Today was our last night that we were going to spend in Uganda. So to celebrate we went to a restaurant that also had some entertainment. We watched performances of several native dances and even heard what is the equivalent of a stand-up comedian. 

It was a great night with great food. Our guide Herbert was literally bent over laughing the whole time the comedian was talking. It was funny to hear the comedian but I got even more laughs watching the reactions of Herbert.

We capped off the night with a dance that they invited us to join them in. There were a couple other groups that came down and one of the most notable people there was “Shants Man.” He had pants that he had rolled up to between the length of pants and capris, making them short pants or “shants.”

Now “Shants Man” had some serious dance moves which had us all watching and laughing as we were dancing. There was a lot of flexibility in his “shants” allowing him to do some high kicks, some serious hip movement, even a jig with his feet. It was quite a show!

It was a wonderful way to spend the last full evening in Uganda where everyone was enjoying themselves and had a good laugh at “Shants Man” as well as themselves during the dance.

It is crazy to think that we leave tomorrow, we are all going to miss Uganda! 

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