It’s been one week since_

So one week and a couple days back and it feels like we have been here for much longer. The whole recovering from the jet-lag didn’t help the week go by, the long days were hard but also productive, and trying to catch up with friends about my trip and theirs has taken its toll.

So after arriving back to Omaha, I have been on one more flight, one more 7 hour car ride, and spent countless hours looking at the amazing footage and photos that we took while in Africa with family and friends as well as with the class.

Focus has been hard to come by while my body was adjusting to life back here, but one thing is for sure, I know how blessed I am to have been a witness. The theme song for our trip was Ben Harper’s “Blessed to Be a Witness.”

The song speaks to exactly what we wanted to do and being back I know how important it is that I maintain that effort to show that I have been changed by the incredibly powerful images that we encountered.

Our hard work in Africa and since we have returned has been worth it and visible. On Friday we got to see a very rough cut of what we hope our documentary will be like. We all got to watch as the story we heard unfolded in a 30 minute video with rough footage and audio.

Needless to say it was powerful to hear all of those voices come together from the different interviews and tell a story together. From the children who have nightmares, to the priests who work with the children, to parents who had kids kidnapped from them.

I know this week will be another long week, but it will be productive as well and I know that we will be able to push through it and see all of te hard work pay off.

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