It’s all downhill from here

The last few days here we’ve interviewed a LOT of people and spent a lot of time on the bus. It’s been crazy hot here and my SPF 50 seems to be completely ineffective, even if I’m only outside for 30 minutes. We’re all very exhausted and running on empty. Luckily, today was our last day of interviewing and we leave Gulu tomorrow for Murcheson Falls.  I also finally slept well last night without the use of sleep aids, so I think my time zone conversion is complete. Ahh, feels good.

Back to business. My favorite interviews so far have been the ones we conducted with local students. Many of them were abducted by the LRA during the war and we’re subjected to unimaginable atrocities. I’m continually shocked by their forthcomingness of their stories regarding the war. They recall painful details on camera so that we can tell everyone in the United States their story. Between the damage remaining from the war and severe government corruption, these people are desperate. Many have been placed in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps and have no way to get out. They have tried to return to their homes and others have claimed their land. They truly are helpless. Yet, everyone we visit tells us how happy they are that we came to see them and hear their stories. They also frequently want us to tell everyone back in the US that they love them and that we are all brother and sisters in Christ. Their messages warm my heart every time I hear them.

Finally, I’m going to highly suggest you read Molly’s most recent blog because it is hilariously true and I’m sure it will make you laugh. I also added a picture to one of my last posts, so go back and check it out 🙂 


Credit to Tim Guthrie for my pictures (he’s good, right?) 

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