It Doesn’t Get Better Than Home, Now, Does It?

The headline of this post is a reference to the She & Him song, “Home“. So, as my title conveniently hints, we’re home. And it’s a little weird… but wonderful at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated America more than I did when I stepped onto Minnesotan soil on Thursday.


Still, it was hard to leave. I found myself feeling very sad on our drive to the airport in Entebbe. It’s how I felt when I left Kenya, too, so it’s not surprising; but this year I felt even less ready to leave. I could have stayed for a while longer. I could go back right now, actually.


But don’t get me wrong. It’s still great to be home. I missed my family and my friends, and it’s nice to be able to catch up on everything I’ve missed. I’m also sincerely enjoying air conditioning, my own bed, unlimited accessto Internet, and a blow dryer. It’s just that everything isweird now. And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m probably still jet-lagged, my malaria medicine makes me feel crazy, and I really, really miss everything about Africa; but that will (hopefully) go away with time.


Everyone, of course, has been asking how the trip was, and every time I answer with something along the lines of, “it was wonderful [that’s my adjective of choice, if you haven’t caught on], I had a great time.” I could say more, but I feel like there’s no short answer to a question like that. Most people leave it at the “how was the trip?” question, while others ask what I did and what it was like. That’s when I find myself thinking, “Where do I even begin?” Usually, it’s easy for me to tell people about my trips by showing them the pictures I took, but even that doesn’t fully explain everything because there were so many layers behind every single thing we did and every story we heard.


I feel a little bad about it all because people are kind of left in the dark about what my trip was really like because I have no idea how to explain it, but I don’t really know what else to do.


Now, all I want to do is go back. I hinted to my mom that the next time I go to Africa, it will probably be for a long period of time. She doesn’t really like that, but she’s known for a long time that my wanderlust is kind of a priority, and Africa is just so interesting to me. And even though it’s hard to be there and the bugs kind of suck and the sun is intense and there isn’t Internet or washing machines, it’s a great place to be; and I’m literally counting the days until I can return.

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