if all of the raindrops where lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a rain in would be…Part II

A snapshot of my journal…. PART III

May 22nd: Day II

– We attended mass today.  It was so wonderful to watch as we traveled to the church the people who were heading in the same direction.  Thinking about the movement of many people from different faiths and culture heading towards such a place was inspirational.

– People are united in faith and life.  We are all one people and should live as such.  Caring for and loving each other unconditionally.

– A boy outside of the church quickly came up to stare at us, as was the rest of the congregation. Heck.  I would most certainly stare at us too.  The little boy was playing with something in his hands. Herbert, our guide, decided to see what he was holding.  Upon examination it was discovered that he was holding a needle in its cap.  As a child, my parents never worried about whether or not I would pick up a needle, used or not, and play with it.  And from an early age, I was taught not to play with needles or touch blood.  I can’t begin to imagine the daily health concerns and threats to life that the people here face.

– The mass was full of passion.  It was obvious that the people wanted to be there and believed in the mission and goals of the church.

– After mass we spoke to the bishop of Lira.  He was very knowledgeable.  He spoke of forgiveness, for it is the only option.  He also spoke of awareness and change. He challenged us not to be moved for only a moment after our return but to be moved for life into action and to move others into action as well.

– A full morning and afternoon it was.  Later we toured the village that surrounds our compounds.  The children and people here bring so much life to my life.  Hanging out with the children is one of the most moving experiences.  There is so much to learn from them.

– We had an evening full of entertainment.  Dancers came to perform for us.  So many times I wish that I had a culture to identify with.  I am obviously American but to be truthful I wish I had a true identity.  I’m not exactly proud of our reputation.

– So I have been taking up the computer for too long now.  These last few days have been eye opening to say the least.  I am so looking forward to the remainder of our journey. 

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