if all of the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a rain it would be…Part I

A snapshot of my journal….

May 19th and 20th: Travel Days

– In the morning I was freaking out and so nervous.  Thank goodness for those who I am lucky enough to have in my life. Those who take care of me and keep me calm.  I love and miss them all.

– Flying makes me feel so small.  It helps me put perspective on my life, my seemingly insignificance, and the things that I deem as important even though they aren’t.

– This trip will mold me in many ways.  I am constantly being molded by the people and experiences that I am meant to encounter in my life.  The Artisan as a plan for me and although I many times want to know the outcome, I must have faith that I am in His hands.  I hope to be open to the changes that I am called to make in my life and responsive to the shaping.  The breaking and reforming.  The pushing and pulling.  

– Sunrises and sunsets are always beautiful.  No matter how many I see. I am constantly in awe of their uniqueness and majesty.

– People are so varied.  So beautiful.  So unique. What a privilege to be able to see and experience so much. More than ever I realize how blessed I am.

– I love the ways that our groups is getting along and getting to know each other.  What a beautiful thing to witness people with unique personalities and talents come together for a common goal

May 21st: Part I, Day I 

– Upon landing I noticed how dark it is in the country at night.  It was completely dark when we arrived except the lights of the runway and a few city lights.  For a large metropolitan city this really surprised me.

– There is a very distinctive smell here.  I have heard that it is the smell of Africa but it is definitely present in all of Uganda.  I have gotten used to it now even though it is still all around me.  Although difficult to explain it can be described as burning and body odor.  Burning of wood, charcoal, rubber, fuel and I’m sure a multitude of other materials.

– Anticipation and excitement is building. Along with jet lag, prevented me from much sleep.

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