I thought I saw an elephant_

May 30, 2011

Today was our first full day in Murchison Falls. Yesterday on the drive in to the park we saw some elephants not to far off the road. There were only a couple, and we didn’t really get any good photos of them, but we were promised that we would see more from our guide Herbert.

This morning we took a boat up the Nile River towards Murchison Falls. It was a two hour ride there and one hour back. On the way there we saw endless numbers of hippos, they were everywhere. We also saw a couple HUGE crocodiles, along with some antelope, and water buffalo.

On the way back from the falls we saw a gazillion elephants on the edge of the Nile. There had to be at least 40 or 50 elephants that we could see. There were big ones, little ones. Some of them were in the water, and some of them were on land. There were a couple of elephants play fighting, but most of them were just grazing on the grass in the shade. I took a bunch of photos but have not edited them or really gotten a chance to look at them. Once I do I’ll be sure to post some of the animals we saw along the river. 

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