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We’re still here. We’re still editing. We’re still truckin’.

I feel like I’m echoing a few of my fellow bloggers when I say this, but I don’t know what to tell people. Every time I see someone, they always ask me, “How was Uganda?!” and I never know what to tell them.

Option 1: Uganda was GREAT! I got to experience things I’ve never seen before, like extreme poverty and starvation, and now I get to be back in the United States using state-of-the-art computer equipment and sleep mosquito net-less in my air-conditioned room! YEAH!

Option 2: Uganda was a difficult experience. It wasn’t all safari trips and river Nile rides. We had to listen to students tell us about how they were abducted, we heard parents tell us about having to deal with losing their children, and now we’re dealing with it!


Since being back, this is the big question people ask. How do you sum up something like this in ten words or less?

Uganda was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back!

I’ve talked to a few people about this. Luckily, I’ve had a lot of world traveling friends lately. We’re all in the same boat. Talking to people like Daniel Taylor who just returned from the Dominican Republic and will be in Nepal in a few weeks, or Emily Hanigan who got to go on this trip last year, or Melissa Hollabaugh who previously studied for a semester in the Dominican Republic and just returned from Peru, and getting to tell them about my trip, hear about theirs, and know that they’re in the same boat as me, is great.

It’s a good feeling to know that people understand and know exactly what you’re going through, and are going to be there for you just as you are there for them, to walk on.

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