I am blessed to be a witness

Lessons learned thus far:

1. You have everything.

I have life and health. Many here are dying of disease and malnutrition. I have adequate shelter. Most people here live in tiny huts with grass roofs and dirt floors. I have constant access to food. Many people don’t know when their next meal will be. I have shoes. Many people I see here don’t, and some never will.

2. Rejoice the above daily.

People here rejoice life daily. There are days that I haven’t rejoiced at all and I have so many reasons to do so. I should never frown.

3. Justice is owning what is yours, therefore do not blame others and give proper credit (praise God).

I learned this from a teacher whose students were abducted by the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Father Opio also enforced that blaming is toxic and forgiveness is the only way to know God. The people who were affected by the actions of the LRA have known unimaginable pain, yet they have found ways to forgive. We have so much to learn from them.

4. Community before self.

Being selfish is toxic and giving will only improve your life. Mama Angelina is the best example of this that I have ever seen. Her daughter was abducted along with many of her classmates by the LRA rebels. Mama started an organization called the Concerned Parents Association (CPA). When the CPA started getting too much attention, the rebels offered Mama her daughter back, but none of the other girls. She said all or none. We in the United States would have freaked if the events that occurred in Uganda has occurred in say, Europe. The Ugandans were forgotten and continue to be overlooked, even by their own government. When will we start looking further than our own front doors?

I am blessed for more reasons than I can even list and you are too. I wish that everyone was able to bear witness like I have here. I am eternally tied to these beautiful people.


Shout out to my baby brother who just graduated from high school this past weekend!! Miss you and love you Kev 🙂 

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