Getting Started

Backpack Journalism 2011, Uganda, is now underway. The room is full of positive energy, and I am very encouraged that the group is already started to move toward becoming a community.

This process of community building always strikes me as mysterious. Perhaps it should not: a common, intense, shared experience usually creates strong bonds between people. Yet, although I know this to be true, actually watching it begin to happen is fun and exciting, not pedestrian at all.

I know that we will face challenges.  People will get tired, they will get grumpy, and they will be stressed by what they see. But, there will also be moments of profound consolation and even illumination. I know also that these kinds of educational experiences are some of the best that a university can offer, which is, perhaps, why I keep being draw to do them.

This is a great group. I am really looking forward to be a part of it.

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