Friendships for a Lifetime.

It’s been a long week. We’ve been filming like crazy
since day one. We’ve visited multiple churches, classes, schools, and
organizations. I still have yet to see a cheeseburger. 

Today’s life lesson: “Marybeth” is not a name that the locals
understand, or ever repeat. Thanks for the difficult name, Peggers and
John. (haha jokes) 
My goal while being here has been to get at least ONE person to say my
name. Two days ago, we visited a school. We went to see a section of the
school that was far away, so we had to walk. As we were on our walk,
one girl, Miriam, grabbed onto my hand. As we walked hand in hand
towards the school building, I felt a little boy grab onto my other
hand. I tried on the whole walk to get them to say my name. I even tried
Mary Elizabeth or Mary, but they couldn’t say it. Tim, one of the
professors on this trip, apparently let one of the priests at the school
know how much wanted them to say my name. I forgot for awhile, and just
dealt with what was on hand, seeing into the hut that was the teacher’s
break room. When we got back to the bus, I was saying goodbye to the
two who had been with me all day when I heard it. The whole group saying
“Thank you, Mary Elizabeth.” 
It brought me to tears. 

This has been such a life changing experience. I’ve never seen life
being lived quite like here in Africa. I’ve never had so many emotions
course through my system at the same time. This is real life. This is

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