First World Problems.

We’re done.


Well, almost.

I still have the paper to write, and the final to do. So actually, I’m not nearly done.

I sat here, trying to find motivation to write my paper, and thought to myself “Ugh. This SUCKS. I don’t want to write a paper. I want it to be SUMMER. Hasn’t this class required enough of me?! I’m ready to go to the beach!”

Then I stopped.

REALLY, Marybeth?! Have you learned NOTHING over this five-week course?! I’m annoyed about having to write an eight page paper, while some people would give anything to get an education. Wow. Makes it seem minimal to write a paper, huh.


I’ve been blessed. I’ve been given so much for which I am not grateful for. If I take anything away from this class, I really hope that I remember the faces. I hope that I can think of the people I have met when I went there. I hope that this experience stays with me forever. 

I am blessed to be a witness.

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