Eventful Days

Yesterday was a pretty fun day for our group.  The day started off with us taking a cruise down the Nile River to see the Murchison Falls.  The boat ride lasted about three hours total, but it was well worth it.  Along the way we got to see many different animals such as hippos, elephants, and crocodiles.  The crocodiles were pretty sweet I thought because they were so huge!  We saw one chilling on the bank by the water and then all of a sudden it decided to go in attack mode and head straight for us.  Luckily we were quite a ways away so the big guy didn’t get us, but it was still pretty crazy.  We also saw elephants quarreling….it’s okay, you can be jealous because I know I would if someone saw that and I didn’t. On top of all that excitement, I burned like a tomato.  That’s alright though, because you gotta burn to get tan.

After we were finished with the cruise we then took a trip up to the top of the falls to see them.  I would not want to fall into those waters because it would be Goodbye Chase.  Anyways, it was an amazing site to see and I’m really glad that we took the time to go to the top of them.  

Today was an intense day as well.  Woke up at 5 am to go on a safari tour to see wild African animals.  That’s right mom and dad, I said 5 am, not pm.  Highlight of the safari was seeing the tigers for sure because I got some pretty sweet pictures of them.  Downfall of the safari was that Fred (our awesome bus driver), got stuck in some sand so we had to get a tow from some good Samaritans that were also on the tour.  Other than that small set back, the safari was a complete success.  

Finally after all the fun that Murchison Falls had to offer us, we had to pack up and head out for Kampala.  After arriving in Kampala, we got settled in our hotel, went out to eat, and came back to relax before another jam packed day.  

Oh yea, I almost forgot to tell everyone that when we were at Murchison Falls, we all had to be in our huts at 10 pm because the hotel turned off the generator for the electricity.  Also there were Water Buffalo that roamed around outside! How intense is that?! I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be walking around outside with my flashlight and come face to face with a Water Buffalo because I’d probably scream like a little girl, maybe even pee myself a bit.

I won’t be able to put any pictures of the Murchison Falls or safari up for a couple of days because we are having trouble with the internet here, but they will come so don’t fret my friends.

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