Destination Africa: Complete

After 28 hours and some odd minutes of flying across the country, we finally made it to Uganda.  Mission complete.  My first flying experience was finished and it actually wasn’t that bad of an experience at all.  I enjoyed every bit of it, even the part when Amsterdam airport security stopped Matthew Dorwart because he somehow ended up with a pocket knife in his carry-on.  He had never seen the knife before in his life and it somehow ended up in his bag…crazy stuff!

When finally arriving in Uganda last night, I was relieved and excited.  Relieved because we made it here with no troubles along the way and excited because we were in Uganda finally and I was ready to get everything started. 

Lodging last night went very well besides the fact that I slept in the middle of my bed in the fetal position while surrounded by my mosquito net the entire time!  It is completely different here than it is back home because I have no worries about anything back home when I am sleeping.  Here, I’m a little worried to fall asleep because I don’t want to somehow kick my mosquito net out of place and have something bad happen.  Maybe thats why I woke up about ten times last night?

Today was a great day of traveling.  Right after leaving the hotel, I was completely lost in the moment.  I had my camera attached to my hand the entire trip to Lira taking pictures of the people, city, and anything else I could.  The pictures that I have I’m going to cherish forever.  

Our bus driver is the man!  I never knew that driving in Uganda was as crazy as it is.  Fred tore the streets of Kampala and every road to Lira up! I can not imagine driving in Kampala at all, it would probably be the worst experience of my life because I wouldn’t get anywhere!  You’ll just have to see my pictures to believe it.  

When arriving at our destination tonight, I was able to meet some of the children that live in this area and they kindly showed Bridget McQuillan, Hannah O’Keefe, and I around.  They showed us a bunch of different pathways and where they lived.  One boy showed us his grandpa and uncle.  All of the children were very friendly and loved us taking pictures of them.  All in all, the past three days have been great and I can’t wait for the rest of the trip to take place.  By the way, just had my first drink of Ugandan beer, Nile Special….watch out Coors Light!  


P.S. Pictures will be coming soon! 

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