Dancing with fire

I don’t seem to be writing much.
I’ve been working hard helping students shoot video, but writing… not so much. I really should document the things I have seen and what is rattling around in my head. I keep thinking this site is just for the students, for some reason. They are doing a great job conveying their experience here, too, so I end up concluding it would be redundant for me to repeat the stories.
So, instead, I will just post some more images.
These two are from the dance that a group put on for us at the hotel at which we are staying. I took crazy long exposures for effect. I think students took some great snapshots that will show more detail and won’t be near as abstract. I also took pictures of all the students dancing at the end of the night. I love some of those pictures, particularly a shot of Carol. I will post those in a couple of days, I hope.

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