Class, Class and more Class

We have been back for a week and a half now and we have been
busy the whole time.  Between
editing, writing scripts, lectures, writing papers, and the one phone call with
our beloved Herbert we have been having 7-hour class periods.  Who knew there would be so much to
do.  In the beginning of class I
thought that I was going to hate the long classes but now we have gotten so far
on the video and we have so much invested in it we all want to work hard to
make the finished project the best we can.  I think this video will be the best way to really convey
what we experienced on our trip. 
When we first came back everyone would ask us how our trip was.  Telling them a long drawn out detailed
story of everything we did and what we experienced and felt.  But doing this would be not only boring
for the person who asked but frustrating for us because it could never sum up
everything that happened on the trip and they would never truly understand how
it was.  So instead we settle for
something generic like it was a great trip tell a few quick stories and be done
with it.  Once we were all able share
our photos online I think our story was told a little further.  Now that we are getting a substantial
part of our video done I think everyone realizes that this is going to be the
best way to get our story.  We only
have 3 days left to get as much of the video done as possible.  It is weird to think that our 5 week
adventure is coming to a close.  It
has been a whirlwind to say the least and I am going miss everyone in our class
but I can feel us all getting antsy to finally move on with summer.  It has be an unforgettable experience 

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