Chicken Chasing and Diablo Peppers

Things have been much better since Tuesday. The filming has become much less intense and the interviews are all starting to come together. You will have to read my classmates blogs to get a better understanding of the situation. I am still not fully able to express the gravity of the situation in words. I am sorry for that.

Even though we have seen some very bad things we have also met some amazing people. Everyone they meet is incredibly kind and hospitable. They greet us, learn our names, sometimes give us food (more on this in a few inches down the page) and they do it all with a smile.

I do have a couple funny stories to pass along. The other day we were interviewing a Priest at his parish/residence. He had what I would say is a bunch of chickens. Naturally  the roosters decided to walk behind where we were filming and make a whole lot of noise. I was designated as the chicken chaser. I had to make sure that they would stay out of our shot. It certainly was a little harder than it seemed. After a couple times they got organized and came at me with greater numbers. I was able to stop the attack, with the help of Fred. Crisis averted, film project saved, the sun continues to rise.

Another funny story, we were out in literally the middle of nowhere. We drove a great distance to get there, on what I would say is the worst road I have ever seen. But after we got everything done the subjects of our film session had lunch for us. Rice and veggies, it was tasty. But there was one little bottle of red chili peppers. Peter decided to put some on his rice. When he poured them out, it was similar to an avalanche of chili peppers and sauce on his plate. The host started to laugh and he said have fun. Peter wolfed it down pretty quick but he definitely regretted having that many peppers. I didn’t want to be left out on the fun so I sampled a bit of it. God almighty. They were hot. My eyes watered, I got even more sweaty than I already was, and my sinuses became more clear than a Western Nebraska morning. They didn’t have any ketchup and mustard for me to help with it either. (Dumb and Dumber is back!)

We just finished our last day of shooting! We are all really tired but still in good spirits. Off to Muchison Falls tomorrow! But sadly we won’t have any internet connection. I know you will all be very sad and a few may cry but you have to be strong.

Yours Truly

Matthew W. Dorwart

P.s. I can’t think of anything good to put here, so I am just wasting your time by making you read this.

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