Busy Days

The past couple of days have been pretty busy with traveling and finishing up all of our interviews.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we conducted about seven interviews total and they all went pretty smoothly. Friday and Saturday were the better days for interviewing I thought.

Friday we went to a Jesuit college and talked to a bunch of individuals that work at and go to the school.  My favorite interview was with a girl named Lillian.  She told us her tragic story of how both of her parents were killed and how by God’s grace she was admitted into the school.  The most difficult thing to hear during her interview was how she still has nightmares about the war.  She talked vividly about one of her nightmares and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  For only being 16, she came off as being the most mature person I have met.  

While we were at the Jesuit school, I got to eat a fried grasshopper.  Thats right, I said grasshopper.  It actually was pretty good….tasted like the skin off of fried chicken. Yummmm.  

To cap off Friday night we went to a local bar and watched some authentic dancers and listened to some Ugandan music.  It was a very fun way to end the night and also a great experience.  

Saturday we traveled to a former IDP (Internally Displaced People) camp to interview three different families.  All three of the families did not speak English so we had to use a translator for the interviewing process.  It was crazy how welcoming those people were; they let us walk around their camp sites and even go inside of their huts.  We all were very blessed for the opportunity to go to these actual camp sites and see first hand how these Ugandan people have lived their lives before and after the war.

Now all of the hard work is finally over and we can now have some time to relax!  It is our last night in Gulu before we head off for Murchison Falls.  

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