Busy Anticipation

In the past three days, I have taken my last final at SLU, moved out of my dorm room, driven eight hours home, met my fellow travelers for the first time in person, and now I am in the middle of class, learning as much theology, journalism, and filming technique as can be crammed into one day. 

These next few days will be extremely busy, but now that the date of deparature is right around the corner, I am finally able to let my excitement sink it.  As tempted as I am to let the stress of preparations preoccupy me, I am trying to make a conscious effort to avoid reducing these next few days to thoughts of shopping checklists and packing concerns. Instead, I want to be present in class, focus on soaking up the information we learn, and get to know the other students who I will be spending the next month with. 

 Before I know it, I am going to be sitting (and sitting, and sitting…) on a plane, on route to other side of the world. Right now, my dominating emotion is excitement.  Africa will be so foreign from anything I have ever experienced. I have watched as my mom, sister, dad, and brother all travelled to Uganda, and I have seen their pictures. Now I will see everything for myself. 

 I am ready to go. I’m ready to be amazed and exhilarated. I’m ready to be tired, and dirty, and drained. And most of all, I’m ready to let Africa change me. 

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