Battling the cynic in me – Part 2

During my most optimistic moments, I think I can help the world, even if only in the most infinitesimal way, but most of the time I feel the way I did driving around Uganda.


Powerless.  Helpless.  Sad.  Angry.  At times, paralyzingly so.


Our mini-doc project in the poor communities of the Dominican Republic in 2010 brought many of those feelings back.  I returned to the States with a new commitment to reduce my carbon footprint and live more simply, but feel I failed to make any significant changes in my life.


I wondered if I was starting to give up.


I tend to grow armor to protect myself against these feelings of pessimism, cynicism and hopelessness.  The impact of my time spent in developing countries wanes over time and I feel more and more numb to its impact and significance.


Still, I am determined to try and keep my cynicism in check and find new ways I can do something productive.


I don’t think my system can take more cynicism.

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