Back to the States

We made it back. After a horrible experience in the Entebbe Airport in Uganda and a day of flying we made it back. I am still tired from it all. 

So as I have said many times before, I need an exit row to make flying tolerable at all. And I was able to get it on all the flights to Uganda very easily with no problems. So going back should be no different right? Wrong, very wrong. For starters, inside the Airport was hotter than outside the airport. Then an employee decided that she would check us in by herself, neglecting the fact that there were 17 of us. Needless to say that took about 25 minutes longer than it ever should have. Then we still had to go fully check our bags in and get our seats. My time to shine, exit row time. I began to talk to the guy and he informs me that I have to pay 75 dollars to get the exit row. Wait, what? I argued it as much as I could but sadly to no avail. So I reluctantly handed my credit card over to him. He then told me he had to run it up to the office to run it through manually. Wait, what? #2. So I am left to stand in 95 degree stagnant air with Carol and Tim for about an hour. (Thanks for waiting!) THEN, we had to wait to get through a passport check or something, I don’t really know, I was kinda zoned out. All I know is that the line moved slower than any line I have ever been in. (Okay, maybe a little dramatic). THENN, we had to go through another set of metal detectors in order to get to the gate, 5 minutes before the plane began to board. Whew!

So even though I paid 75 dollars, I didn’t get an exit row for every flight. So I needed to work my magic (aka plead with other passengers to trade me). Luckily a very nice woman traded seats with me so I could sit in comfort for another 8 hours. After we went through customs in Minneapolis (you betcha!), I saw and heard a beautiful thing. A group of guys singing the National Anthem. I was definitely proud to be an American. I gave a fist pump and gave Chase a high five.

We then went on to Omaha, aka my 2nd Homaha, and I slept for basically the rest of the weekend. Its good to be back, but it was definitely sad to leave because I hate goodbyes. Africa was a great experience. I loved it. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend 2 weeks. 

Yours Truly

Matthew W. Dorwart

PS Thanks for following us on our journey. Keep checking out the website for pictures and place features!


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