ARE all men created equal?

I’m baaaack! And after a weekend filled with multiple nine hour naps due to jet lag and days consumed by class, I’m finally ready to blog (:

Although we were kept really busy the two weeks we were in Uganda, we’re not slowing down our last couple weeks of class. Our days are now completely dedicated to editing all of the footage we took in the country and finally putting our documentary together. While it’s been fun mashing all of the clips we took and putting the story together, it has definitely been a struggle. I think this is the first time that any of us have tried to tackle a project this big so we’re really lucky we have Tim and Peter to help us when we mess up. We’re going to have a rough cut of the documentary done today and I’m pretty excited to see it. Our rough cut will still need a lot of work done to it, but it will still be cool to see the story played out and all of our work come together. 

While it has been great being back in the US, I really miss Africa. It has been hard coming back here and seeing how fortunate everyone is and how much everyone has when I know there are millions of people halfway across the world who can’t even afford shoes. Why do I get to sleep in my big bed in my air conditioned house while there are families living in grass huts smaller than my room? Why do I get to go to this fancy university when the majority of their country can’t even pay to go to school? Why do they have to constantly worry about getting food and clean water for their families when I feel entitled to these things? One of the biggest lessons I learned on this trip is that the world isn’t fair. It makes no sense that I was born so privileged while these other people, who are no lesser of human than I, were born into such extreme poverty that there seems to be no way out. 

One thing I know for sure is that I’m so fortunate for what I have, but I do not deserve all that has just been handed to me. I can’t wait for when I graduate college, get a real job, and can start giving back. The first thing on my list when that happens: sponsoring a child to attend school.

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