And the Academy Award goes to……

Today we learned how to edit video and all I can say is look out Oscar, I am coming for you! I may be getting ahead of myself a little. I think a Razzie is a little more attainable. Seriously though, when our video teacher Tim Guthrie started talking I was really worried. He was speaking in Swahili or something, I definitely was lost. However, I started to get going and I was (in my head) a natural, kinda like Robert Redford in that movie. Wait, that’s not the right, but you get the idea.
If you have read some of my classmates blogs, you will notice that a couple of them have started packing. However, I am not one of them. Should I be at least somewhat packed? Yes, yes I should. Should I maybe at least have thought about packing other than writing this blog post? Yes, yes I should but I work better under pressure (once again probably just in my head).
During our lunch break, a couple of us were talking about what we could do to pass the time in the airports for our lay overs. I suggested that we all sit around in a circle and sing Mockingbird. (Yes, I know that I this is the second Dumb and Dumber reference in two blog posts, but there is plenty more where that came from!) But I got turned down. I believe it was Sara Gentzler, who brought up the game Catchphrase. Any time that game get brought up, I just take a trip down memory lane to my family’s epic battles. Typically, on Christmas or other gathering we play some kind of board game and more recently it has been Catchphrase. I don’t mean to brag but I am pretty darn good and thanks to some good teammates (you know who you are) I haven’t lost in a long time.
I should probably talk a little more of the trip because after all that is the entire purpose of this blog. All that can really be said though is that I am very, very excited. And I am also getting very nervous.
Yours Truly
Matthew W. Dorwart
Thanks to my Coach Erik Crawford. He gave me a very nice haircut. 

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