And now life can return to normal… right?

We’re back.

After a few very long plane rides, we made it back. We’re back in our lives; back to the US. I thought I would be more than glad to be back to what I know. I thought I would cherish the air conditioning, the food, the accessible internet, the warm water much more now that I have experienced living without. I’ve been here for less than a week, and all I can ask is why.


Why was I born into so many privileges?  How come I am able to cool myself off by turning down the temperature of my house, while others have to wait until the sun goes down for a little relief? Why am I able to be a picky eater and turn down and waste food all the time, while some people just hope for one meal a day? Why do I feel like I am entitled to so many things in life, such as clothes, a phone and a good education when some people can’t even afford to provide shoes for themselves? How come I can go to sleep without worrying about a mosquito net, and some people cannot even afford one, even though they live somewhere that they need one?

It’s something to think about. It’s hard. Coming back to America, I saw a lot of things I hadn’t seen in awhile.

  • Well, mzungus (white people)
  • People with meat on their bones
  • Laptop computers. The only person I saw with one in Africa was our guide, Herbert. He also works for Computers for Africa. I don’t know if these two things correlate, but I think they just might.
  • AIR CONDITIONING. Okay, so I didn’t actually see this, but I definitely felt it. And what a glorious feeling that was.

I’ve had a few days to get used to being back in the US, but there is still so much I miss about Africa. I hope that someday I can go back and see all of these people again. They have all touched my life in ways that they don’t even realize. They showed me a totally new world, and for that I am grateful. They opened my eyes to what I had never before seen. Now that I have, I’m grateful that we get to show others what we have seen.

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