Yesterday was a long tough day, as I knew it would be.  Hosted by the diocese of Lira, we
visited the sites of two former camps for internal refuges of the civil
war.  The people that remain in
these places are the poorest people I have ever met. Their condition is
precarious and their list of needs nearly endless. The students did well, but
there were tears on the bus. Tears are appropriate.

It is so hard to know what to do when confronted with the harshness
of this reality, especially when we begin to realize that the community of Abia
is but one of thousands and thousands of communities like this that are home to
world’s poor.

How can one not be converted when looking in to these faces
and hearing their stories.

Since we are now in Gulu and have 3G internet, I can add a photo. Here is one of the students helping to offer some gifts to the children. 

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