A series of events.

Well, there were 19 of us when today started dark and
early in the morning (it was even too early for the sun) and there’s
still 19 of us now at the end of the day. There’s a lot of what I can say
for today. It’s been an interesting day. A definite roller coaster of emotions.
Here’s an approximate retelling:

5:00am: Alarm goes off. What the heck? This is EARLY. I glance at Molly
through our mosquito nets and we nod. No way we’re showering before
breakfast. Snooze. 

5:10am: Snooze goes off. Time to REALLY wake up. Breakfast in 20
minutes. We stumble around, thankful that the generator turned on the
lights at 5. We throw on clothes and walk to the dining room. 

5:30am: Breakfast. 

5:55am: Head to bus. Realize there is a bat doing laps around our hut. Michelle, Bridget, Molly, and I run for our lives. 

6:03am: We take off. We are headed to the safari!

7:00am: Ferry across the Nile. Large guy with gun gets in the bus. He’s
our guide. I don’t like guns. This could be interesting. 

8:00am: We see a HUGE heard of giraffes. I also realize its midnight in
the states… aka Justin’s birthday. Happy birthday! I realize I’m
missing ANOTHER 21st birthday celebration. I better see a freakin’ lion
for all this trouble. Tim tells me lions are very rare. Great. 

8:30am: LION! It’s in the bushes, but it’s there. We get pictures. 

8:40am: Our driver, Fred, thinks he sees another lion. We go off-roading
in our tour bus as people in safari vehicles look on. We see another
few lions so booyah to them! We resist the urge to point and laugh at
them. Fred and the Magic School Bus dominates again. 

9:35am: We get stuck. Like, STUCK. Fred’s pissed. We’re 25 minutes away
from ending our 3 hour safari and we can’t get up the sand hill. We have
to all get out of the buss while the guys try to push. Were outside of
the bus in a game park. And I KNOW there’s lions now. Suddenly I’m a
huge fan of the large gun the guide has. All of a sudden, one of the
safari cars we saw shows up and helps pull us out. Very glad we didn’t
point and laugh now. We’re unstuck, but now we have to turn and go the
other way. 

11:00am: We’ve gone the long way and booked it out of the park. We’re back at the ferry. 

11:30am: We get on the ferry, but it starts to take off without Fred and
the bus. We’re all confused until they pull back and Fred gets on.
Disaster averted. 

12:08pm: We’re headed back to the hotel for lunch when we see a van that
has been in an accident. We stop to help and Matthew uses his doctor
skills to bandage up a mans hand. Turns out the man was part of the
group that saved us. Wow, pay it forward. 

12:30pm: Lunch. 

1:00pm: We leave Murchison Falls. Molly and I are sharing the front seat
with a great view of the road. It’s a 5 hour drive to Kampala, and I’m
PUMPED to get to experience it in the front. 

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