A notorious over-packer’s guide to packing for Uganda

Coming from a girl who has been known on occasion to pack two pairs of almost identical black heels for a vacation because I “didn’t know which would look better”  I chose to look at packing for Uganda as a challenge… Tetris of sorts.  

Step one: Throw everything you want to take on the trip on the floor of your room… 

Step two: try everything on… Make sure it is Uganda suitable.

Step three: Divide everything up by category (shirts with shirts and so on)

Step four: Pull out any duplicates… No Kira you really don’t need three identical blue crew neck shirts 

Step five: Put back half of the things that are thrown on the floor… Seriously. Just put it back.

Step six: Space bags are your friend.

Step seven: Dust off those tetris skills and pack everything in the suitcase. REMEMBER to wrap up anything that can spill… Remember Murphy’s law, it will spill. 

Step eight: Sit on the suitcase to zip everything up.

Step nine: …Wait we have to pack a tri-pod?

Step ten: Start over again.


Whew.  Pictures to come when I can find my camera cord in the clutter… oops 

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