35 Hours

It’s been a lonnng journey & I can honestly
say I’m exhausted. After four flights, we finally arrived in the city of
Entebbe. We collected our luggage & drove to the hotel to get settled. The
weather was beautiful & I rode the entire way with my head out the window.
I just couldn’t believe we were actually in AFRICA.

Staying in a hotel here is a bit different than
staying in one in the U.S. For one, we can’t drink the tap water. We must use
bottled water…even to brush our teeth, & we are advised to keep our mouths
closed when we shower. Another thing: mosquito nets. Unless we want to risk
getting Malaria (I don’t), we must sleep with these over us every night. I
actually kind of like them…

In the morning, we loaded the bus & started
the “five hour” drive up to Lira. After getting through all the traffic, it
actually turned out to be about eight hours. We kept ourselves entertained by
singing & laughing at people sleeping (ahem…MaryBeth & Molly). Oh…we
also saw baboons & the Nile River…no big deal.

Our hotel is beautiful. Everything is so green
& the people are so friendly. We met a huge group of kids behind the
property of the hotel & they were hilariousss. They loved getting their
pictures taken & were totally goofing off for the camera. It was amazing
how we could communicate with them without speaking.

Oh, & I can’t forget to talk about the bugs.
Here, they have these things called white ants. They are these huge flying ants…like
the size of dragonflies. Sara & I accidently left our windows open & a
bunch of them decided to make themselves comfortable in our room. After a long
& strenuous battle though, we showed them who was boss.

Overall, it’s been surreal. It’s still hard to
believe that I’m actually in Africa. But after 35 hours, we’ve made it. I can
already tell it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

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