2 weeks later…

So tomorrow will be the 2 week anniversary of returning from Uganda. I think I’ve hit every emotion possible within that time frame and it seems like everything in my life has changed. I have gotten a new tattoo, volunteered to transfer locations at my job (pre-Uganda, I would have quit if they ever made me transfer), and started mending poor family relations that I had been too stubborn to confront.

My personality has even been affected. Visiting Uganda was a humbling and sobering experience. I’ve learned that I am truly blessed (in case that wasn’t clear enough in my previous blogs) and that life MUST be celebrated! Coming back to the US was extremely hard. The feelings of disconnect and bitterness were not easy to cope with, and I know they will stick with me. But at the same time, I shouldn’t spend my life being sad or angry. If there’s one lesson the Ugandan people intended to pass on to us, it is to celebrate life.

Praise God, be grateful for what you have, and celebrate.


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