17 bug bites later…

The intensity has definitely been bumped up these past
couple of days.


Yesterday we visited a school for the refugees and then the
Concerned Parent’s Association (for the parents of the refugees). We had
interviews at both of those places and then went to Momma Angelina’s. Her
daughter was taken by the rebels and once she really publicized what happened,
the rebels offered her daughter back if she kept quiet. She refused their
offer, though, until all of the children would be brought back. While we were visiting
her we got to eat MANGOS IN THE JUNGLE. Yum yum yum. That’s a once in a
lifetime experience for suuuure. 


Today was a lot to handle. We went and visited two former
refugee camps and talked to and interviewed the people there. The first camp is
currently a village and when we got there everyone was sooo excited to see us.
We split into groups and asked them a bunch of questions about their civil war
and then we sort of flipped the floor and they asked us questions. This is when
the day started getting intense. This man was asking what our real intentions
were here and if we were just coming to see the conditions they were living in
for ourselves since we’ve heard all these second hand stories about them OR if
we were coming to document what we saw and actually try to spread the message
to others so there could be a change. He told us how so many groups have come
before us and just made all of these promises of how they would build a church
for them or how they would improve their living conditions but they have yet to
act on what they said.


We explained to them that we’re shooting this documentary to
get the word out in hopes that someone will be impacted and will be able to
help, but our small group really doesn’t have the resources to solve all of
this poverty. It just makes me scared that they think, since we came to see
them, that we will be the ones to solve all of their problems…which we
obviously won’t be able to do.


The next place we stopped at was a former refugee camp and
current school and some similar questions were asked there. A lot of the people
were just begging us to talk to their government and our government to get
problems solved for them, which is another thing that our group just isn’t
capable of. It’s kind of sad that since we’re Americans they think we can just
call up Obama to get them some help.


I don’t know if this blog is making annnny sense at all and
there are so many other big things that happened today and they’re just all
really stressing me out. I’ve never felt as completely powerless and hopeless
as I did today.


Ahhhhh anyways, as you can tell from my blog title, I HAVE
TOO MANY BUG BITES. Mostly on my feet which is theeee worst spot. I cover
myself in bug spray religiously so I’m not really sure how this is happening.
Thank God for malaria pills.


Well that’s all I’ve got. We’re off to Gulu in the morning
for four days and then it’s tourist timmmeee!



Here’s the populations you wanted (:


Kampala: 1.5 million

Lira: 500,000

Gulu: 300,000

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