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“Condition Permanent” From Thursday June 21st.

This is what I will miss about Africa:

  • The smells. Both good and bad.
  • The life and movement of the people and the cities.
  • Street shops and street signs.
  • The wonderful tasting fruit.
  • Palm trees in cornfields.
  • All of the people who wave and smile at our bus.
  • The spirit here.
  • Genuine hospitality from strangers.
  • Indifference to appearance or body odor.
  • Stoney ginger sodas.
  • Warm humidity.
  • Long night and morning talks with Sara and Teresa.
  • The Southern Cross.
  • Faith.
  • Being connected to, dependent on and always together with these 11 people.
  • Bus rides and looking out the window.
  • Time. Both feeling like it is unlimited and having it all planned out for me.
  • The calmness I feel here.
  • Music.
  • The animals. Especially the birds.
  • The red dirt against green vegetation.
  • Chapatti.
  • Endurance. Patience. Willingness.

I have thought about Africa everyday since I returned to the United States. Some days I think about it more than others. But whenever I hear traditional music, see a child smiling or playing in the dirt, see someone walking on the side of the road, smell a fire, or get up early in the morning I am transported back to Africa. And I feel safe, content and free.

This is one of my favorite pictures from Africa. It reminds me of how calm and happy I was there.