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Customer service

One of the things I feel most awkward about is that the people here are always serving us – and kindly. I think I notice it most at dinner time when there is always a handful of people preparing our dinner, making sure we get everything we need. Then they are right there waiting to clean up after you when you’re finished.

For me, it’s a new thing to get used to for the time being because I’m more of a do-it-yourself kind of person. I like to figure things out on my own and I’m so used to cleaning up after myself it’s weird to just walk away from the table and leave dirty dishes just sitting there. It makes me feel bad because I’m perfectly capable of cleaning up after myself. Isn’t the general rule that you’re supposed to pick up the table if you’re not the one who made dinner?

The thing is that it didn’t stop with just lunch or dinner being like that. It happened when we went shopping too. I distinctly remember several women asking if they could hold my things for me while i shopped, when I am perfectly able to hang onto them – although it was nice not to be carrying so many things.