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I would never shower like before…

Showering was a funny conversation the last two weeks among the members of our group,

Newtak, Alaska, 2014, by Tony Homsy S.J
Newtok, Alaska, 2014, by Tony Homsy S.J

we had limited resource of water in Bethel, (it coasts approximately 350$ per week to fill your tank). With kind of respectful and mindful attitude, we economize the using of water in good way. We weren’t neither anxious nor careless, and the whole group has a kind of agreement that it is more authentically of we do that, since our documentary has being oriented more and more toward environment and global warming issues…

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Newtok … New-talk

Couple days ago, me and Tim (my videography teacher) went to Newtok, a tiny village at

Tony Homsy S.J., Alaska, 2014
Tony Homsy S.J., Newtok, Alaska, 2014

the Bering sea, Tim wrote on his blog about the purpose of this special adventure, here.

What we had seen in Newtok was kind of severe poverty, no trucks or cars, it is almost an isolated island, the only way to go there is by airplane, and it is expensive. Cold weather makes everything look poor, and life style is very demanding, imagine that you are obliged to use heating systems to survive, even in June! People there showed me the extreme different life of what we have in our ordinary one.  Continue reading Newtok … New-talk