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When I look around this country, it’s difficult for me to feel like I’m on any sort of vacation.

We went to the source of the Nile yesterday, among other touristy things. Yet as we drive from Entebbe to Lira today, you can definitely see the signs of poverty: over population, an abundance of slums, people sitting in mud.

I like to think of myself as a problem-solver, and one of the things I’ve come to realize lately is that the largest amount of people a problem affects, the more complex solving it becomes. From what I know, poverty is an immensely complex issue, and is a problem that is by no means easy to solve. Which makes me wonder if this trip, the work we do, the work anyone does, is really worth it.

Despite all the work that’s been done in this continent and in other parts of the world, there’s still intense poverty in the world. There’s still people like Kony, like Assad, like Kim Jong-Un, and countless others.

Is there really any point to doing good work? Is there really any point to goodness?