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Just About to Leave

I’m going to write this before we take off. It is 11:03 and my roommate Luke is going to take four of us to the airport at 11:30. I just ran out of food in the fridge so I think I may stop by McDonalds or something else quick (and cheap) before we go. Looking at Delta’s website, the actual flight time of our trip to Entebbe, Uganda will be 19.33 hours. With all of the layovers, the total travel time will be around 25 hours, and 3,948 miles traveled, one way. I’m glad I got this trip logged on my Skymiles account :).

I’m very exited to be flying so far. At this point, the farthest I’ve been is Honduras, and that was on a cruise so it was a relatively insulated experience. As an added bonus, Delta canceled our group flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam a few days ago, and broke our group up into various flights that leave at different times from different sections of the United States. One of our groups is flying to Amsterdam from Detroit, leaving in a few hours. Another is going to Amsterdam from Atlanta, leaving later than the first. And my group (4 out of 10 people) is leaving out of Detroit, set to arrive in Amsterdam sometime between the other two groups. I’m hoping this will give me an opportunity to explore the new airports a bit; after my gate is found of course. Don’t worry Mom and Dad :p.

Last thing: I might try to do a man bun on the trip. Maybe. So if anyone sees some pictures of the group, and I seem to have been replaced with a scruffy, wise world traveler, just know – that is me. Hahaha (I won’t actually be wise, I’ll just look the part)

The weary traveler

Roads in Kampala

Ok, so I’m not going to lie, that last plane ride seemed to go longer than eight hours, or maybe I was finally just ready to get to Uganda.

I haven’t traveled over seas since I was in third grade. Needless to say, I’m not at all accustomed to how you’re supposed to sleep on an eight hour flight, nor am I familiar with the atmosphere of an international airport.

Traveling this far, for me at least, was absolutely exhausting – which would be fine in any other case except I don’t want to miss out on anything and it’s hard to keep your eyes open when your dogs are barkin’ like crazy.

My experience this far has given a new meaning to the term weary traveler. And I definitely have way more respect for those people who do a lot of international traveling. I’m not sure I could handle another eight hours of the crying baby that sat in front of me on the first flight.

When we finally got to Entebbe it was dark – and when I say dark, I mean it was pretty much pitch black. It isn’t like there’s a whole lot of flashy advertising with lights.

My first impression of Uganda was based purely on smell. I would describe it as a mix of campfires, New Orleans, exhaust and dirt. I don’t really know how else to describe that – it’s not really a one word kind of thing because it’s definitely unique (but not awful).

The group at the airport in Amsterdam