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Those Damn Vans

So, I got behind on blogs, big surprise.  I should’ve listened to Carol. So bear with me as I recount back to the drive home.

If you have been keeping up to date on my blog posts, you know that I get very car sick. So in order to keep my mind off of things, I talk to people. Often times whoever gets stuck with sitting next to me has to talk to me against their will. Special shout out to AJ and Aly for being my seat mates.

So on the morning of our departure back, I put my anti nausea wrist bands on, ate a banana and popped a Dramamine. Well, 30 minutes into the ride I started feeling sick.

At one point we stopped to go to the bathroom (probably because John had to pee) and I thought I was going to vomit. I decided to pop another pill  so that I could hopefully sleep.

Well, as  a former dancer I tend to sleep in very weird and often uncomfortable looking positions. See photo below:


I was restless and unable to sleep. After we ate lunch I felt a little better so I tried to relax. I was able to sleep a little bit and I felt much better.

This trip was so much different than the drive down. The drive down was filled with excitement and nerves. Whereas the trip back was filled with sadness for me. I was thankful for my experiences, but I was thinking about Pepe and the journey that he was on.

By the end of the day you could tell that we were all so tired. At one point some swear words were shared between the vans after we couldn’t find a place to eat in Santa Fe. The experience in Santa Fe has thoroughly scarred me. And for this reason I cannot listen to one of my favorite songs “Santa Fe” anymore. Which is a shame because I really like that song.

The second day of driving started with a delicious brunch. We were all so eager to get back. The rest of the drive consisted of watching 7 Days of Nico and reading our cosmo horoscopes.

When we finally got back I realized that I would never have to ride in one of those Creighton vans ever again and for that I am thankful.


Let’s Play Chicken

I hope I never have to drive in Ugandan traffic.  These past to days have been interesting driving around the city. I feel like the entire population is playing one giant game of chicken.  There are pedestrians, bicycles, motor bikes, cars and buses, all sharing the road. No ts to get out of each other’s ways. Today we drove from  Kampala to Lake Victoria.  It was an hour and a half drive. Parts of the road were barely big enough for two cars to drive by. We pass by cars so closely you could easily reach out and tough them. In the city, cars merge leaving no space between them.  Each time when we go to stop my hands clench because of the small time and space left.  In the round-abouts people force there way into unimaginably small spaces. The other thing that is slightly terrifying is the fact that traffic drives on the left side of the road. I have become accustom to seeing cars stream past me on the right. But when left hand turns are made it makes me hold my breath. I feel myself pushing down my right foot in attempts to use an imaginary brak There is no opportunity for you to be a passive driver. You must be assertive and push your way in.  As a passenger it is best to try not to pay attention to where you are going or, if worse comes to worse, just hold your breath and prey.