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We Got that B Roll: A Chronicle

Tuesday, June 10 I was inducted into the venerated brotherhood of B roll videographers.

Things I have done as a result:

1. Filled both of my boots (and socks) with water while ambitiously (or recklessly, OR stupidly) trudging through slushy tundra in search of a shot that wasn’t really necessary.

2. Rode on the back of a pickup bed with Kari whilst capturing images of Bethel with the Panasonic.

3. Ripped my jeans whilst dismounting from aforementioned pickup bed.

4.  Saw a hill on the open tundra, realized my feet couldn’t get more wet, and decided to go for it.

5. Ran, zig-zagging and jumping over mud pits, until I reached the top of the hill.

6. Punched my fists in the air Rocky-style , basked in the sunlight and openness of the tundra, and laid down on the spongey ground to take a pan shot of Bethel.


7. Pulled an ATV out of one of the aforementioned mud pits.

8. Held a shot during a surprise visit from a wild pack of family dogs.

Watch out for updates and edits to this post! I’ll keep y’all  in the know regarding the weird/entertaining things that happen to me while collecting B roll for the film.