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A Memory Not Forgotten

Time is a funny thing. You can be in one place one moment, living a spectacular experience, and then you can be back into the same scenarios that you live every day.

Those unique experiences become memories, memories that are kept alive through   photos, sounds, and daydreams that occur throughout class.

It feels hard for me to believe that I did the things I did in Africa just less than a week ago. It feels hard for me to believe that I played soccer with kids from a village, worshipped the gift of new oxen and plows with a whole town, and that I stood on top of Murchison Falls in the middle of East Africa.

But besides the fact that I witnessed all those amazing things, there is one moment that happened that I can’t get out of my head since I’ve departed away from the country nicknamed “The Pearl of Africa.”

On one of the final days of our trip, a child came up to the opened window of the bus I was sitting in. She was wearing a tattered purple shirt and a skirt as brown as the dirt she was standing in. She came up to the bus and asked me for money.

And I didn’t give any to her.

It bothers me to think of my actions in that moment, and sometimes I try to validate why I did such a thing. But I can’t.

There are no words. It’s hard to put into words that to help her, I couldn’t give her any money. I think in order to understand, you would have to experience Africa yourself.

In fact, there are no words to so many things that I saw while I was in Uganda. Although there was so much beauty that the country holds, there is also so much poverty.So many things are given to these people from back home, and the references are everywhere. i

You want to help these people, you hate to see them suffer the way that they do, but in order to actually help them out of the struggles they live every day, you need to but in the time and talent to actually give them things that can be a lasting monetary value instead of a paper bill.

Giving money then not caring anymore isn’t always the right answer, but giving a damn at the end of the day is, even if you  don’t have anything to give.

I will never forget the girl outside of the bus. I will never forget her eyes. I will be sure never to forget the millions of other people like her. I promise that I will give a damn, for the sake of you living the life that you wish to live.