“Stanley Corp. The Everything Man.”

“Stanley Corp. The Everything Man.”

Stephanie Tedesco & Kari Welniak



Stanley Corp is not just your typical guy. He can do pretty much anything. Seriously! He builds furniture for almost anything and anyone, he knows how to do maintenance work, and he built and takes care of his fish camp off the shores of the Kuskokwim River in Bethel, Alaska. And his profession of choice is barbering.


What brought Stan to Bethel? His sister was living in Bethel when he was in search of work. Bethel held many potential opportunities. So one Saturday Stanley Corp arrived to Bethel and was working right away that Monday. Stan has been there ever since.


Stan stays involved with his community by participating in Church activities and inviting groups to have a real Alaskan fish camp experience. He makes everyone feel at home by starting a warm fire and starts up the grill to make hamburgers, hot dogs, salmon, and s’mores. He showed us how to fillet a freshly caught salmon and play basketball Alaskan fish camp style.


On top of staying involved with his community in Bethel, Stan loves his job as a barber. Stan gets to know all of his customers and a lot about the town. He treats every customer individually and loves to get to know them for who they are and not from what he hears. He is always giving out advice to his customers that keep coming back.


His top advice he gives out to a lot of young people that come into his barbershop is to take pre-marriage counseling before getting married. It worked for him and his wife. It taught him a lot about not having jealousy and never holding grudges about the past.


At a potluck that was hosted at the Church, Stan was more than glad to make an appearance. He loves to socialize with longtime Church members and newcomers. He knows how to make everyone feel welcome. He is glad to share his knowledge, life experience, and advice with his customers. He even has a sense of humor and likes to laugh. His signature smile and laugh will always leave you with a smile on your face.


To learn more about Stan and hear more of what he has to say about barbering, watch our video! https://vimeo.com/99769605 

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