Along For The Ride by: Claire Storey & TJ Moore

During our travels to Bethel, Alaska, TJ and I were offered the opportunity to pursue a story on sled dog racing and the K-300 dog race. Sarah Stanley– our group liaison to all things Bethel– was able to set us up with multiple people and opportunities to film for our project.

Originally, we were planning on focusing on the administrative side of the race, but when we were offered an unexpected opportunity to interview Myron Angstman, our story took a new direction. Myron Angstman is one of the founders of the k-300 dog race in Bethel, Alaska. He was the man who came up with the idea of having a race in Bethel after he participated in the Iditarod. Before we interview him, we got a tour around his property and dog training facilities.

Angstman and one of his team were gracious enough to give us the chance to ride on the back of his all-terrain training vehicle while he took the dogs out for practice run. TJ and Haylee rode in the truck next us– attempting to film the dogs from a different perspective– while Morgan and myself climbed into the back of the ATV, sat on the rain-soaked board that served as a bench, and hunkered down for a rain-drenched and wind-blown ride.

When we got back to his property, we went into the dog yard to film the dogs up close and got to see just how different the personalities of each dog were. Some were playful, others were observant, and one was systematically chewing through his fourth house… They pulled down a sled for us to look at, and when they asked if we needed anything else, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview Myron.

Stepping into his office, we set up the little equipment we had. Truthfully, all we had one lonesome (mini) iPad and whatever questions we could come off with off the tops of our heads. It turned out to be a great learning experience. And who can say no to a story about race dogs, anyway?

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My Name is Claire Storey. I am a Journalism and Graphic Design double major with a minor in English. I have always had a passion for travel and for sharing in the life experience. I aim to help convey the human experience by expanding my world view and revealing it to others.

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