Writing, Do you Love it or Hate it?

“Our waking hours for the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary” – unknown

My writing experiences may differ from most, I have taken a slew of English classes that focus on writing both in high school and in college.  Also in high school I worked for the yearbook and wrote many of the profiles of the student body/faculty as well as picture captions.  I have a little bit of experience writing news articles for various projects in my course of studies but all in all I have a general feel of journalistic writing as well as your standard paper writing techniques.  

I do not enjoy writing on topics that I do not enjoy, but do not mind writing on topics that I find interesting as long as the length is not too long. I always have had a short attention span so if I am writing on something that I do not find interesting for a lengthy period of time I will not enjoy that.

Journaling is something that I started to do this last semester while I was studying abroad, I would write a couple times a week in the beginning but time was scarce so that shrank very quickly to writing only once a week near the end of the semester, and now my journal is sitting on a shelf so I have lost that form of regular writing. 

Writing a blog worked out far better for me last semester because like most people, I am able to type much faster than I can hand write.  I kept a blog last semester as well and that seemed to get more content then my journal did and a lot of the time they ended up with very similar material. I really enjoyed the blog more than the journal because I could match photos with what I posted as well as videos.  This made it a much more visual experience for people who read it and I am a much more visual person.

A lot of the time when I write, I just let my hands wander where my brain is moving.  I do not make outlines, or bullet points before I write, writing for me is a like letting my brain rest and slowly express itself honestly.  What I write is typically only edited for grammar and not for content because I feel that what I first write is far more honest than if I go back and edit it. Maybe that’s my attention span making excuses for my methods but I stand by them.  

For instance, I was looking at this assignment on BlueLine and I would answer each question before I moved onto the next. I read through the whole assignment once before but when through it again while writing this blog as I answered each question. 

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