Why I am sitting inside on a beautiful day

Each of us has something to do, whether pushing through hours of footage or creating a story out of different quotes or paring down interviews or b-roll. But we are all in this together. And if I may say it, we are getting pretty good as a team doing all of these things.

We are taking apart this video for a good cause. Our mission at the beginning of this trip was to interview this guy named Pedro who lived in a trash dump. Our mission now is to accurately tell the story of a deacon who has spent his life trying to transform the trash dump and surrounding area into a live-able and safe environment. This is a big task for 9 students under the age of 22. How are we going to accomplish this task set in front of us?

We are going to work together. And push each other a little bit. I can sense that we are starting to feel the tension of having a lot to do and only a little time to do it in. This is where our teamwork comes in. I learned that we work well as a group while we were in the Dominican Republic. We can do this.

To those who are waiting on this video, it should be a moving story. Cannot tell you the length or the exact content at this juncture but I can tell you that I trust the people editing this story. We are going to tell the right story about Pedro and we are going to do our best to accurately represent Cien Fuegos. Their story became our story and we are going to tell it right. As Morgan has said, “Game on!”

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