We’ll do it live!

So this week will be the only week we have of class that is devoted fully to editing the document together to make something that is coherent. We are trying to find the story and find the best way to tell it.  Sorting through 25-30 hours of footage and trying to find the 20-25 minutes that best tell our story is not an easy task.  It has already proven difficult as we overcome obstacles that are thrown at us everyday.  

We have split the class into working in partner groups that build sequences of footage that can be used to backup the interview footage that we used.  So that involves taking footage from 2 or 3 camera angles, lining them up within a frame so they are seamlessly connected to make it more interesting to watch. Besides just sorting through all the footage; importing, naming and tagging all the film clips was a entire day’s task.  As we complete more sequences of clips we will sew those and the interview footage together to create our final project and work on voice over or subtitles.

We are hoping to have a good rough cut done by Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for an update on where you might be able to find a sneak peak of the project in the near future. 

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